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"7 Ways To Overcome Fear"
by Author Juliet Agocha

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The answer lies in our thoughts…

Hello there! My name is Juliet, but most people call me Lady J.

You did not stumble on this page by mistake; it is divine! It's amazing to have you here on my site. Maybe you are looking for a keynote speaker for your corporate event or need to work with a professional Inspirational Speaker to help achieve your next goals? That’s what I do.

In every area of life, from business to personal to health, we act on outdated intuitions that were built to help us survive a world ruled by challenges and fear. But in today’s world, those same intuitions create a mindset that stops us from succeeding in the environment in which we actually live.

"7 Ways to Overcome Fear"
What is fear about? If you look at it carefully, your fear is never about what has happened. It is always about what may happen. It is always about the future. The future is yet to happen. It has not yet happened. That means, it is not in existence. So, being fearful means you are suffering that which does not exist.

Through extensive research and experiences, author Juliet Agocha offers seven new approaches that harness the power of the mind and redirect it to work for us rather than against us. Her latest inspirational book, "7 Ways to Overcome Fear",  provides simple, actionable techniques to rebuild our intuitive minds.

Both practical and inspiring, "7 Ways to Overcome Fear" is a roadmap that anyone can use to finally stop living on autopilot, improve productivity and happiness, and consciously live a fulfilling life.

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Juliet is an excellent asset to our community. For her dedication, hardwork and true inspiration to the young generation,  she has been nominated for several awards by ICONIC UOLLYWOOD.

  • Epic Iconic Brand/Entrepreneur Ceonaire Award
  • Epic Iconic Brand/Entrepreneur Ceochella Award
  • Epic Iconic Author Award - "7 Ways to Overcome Fear"

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